Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"-What is it...?"

"-I don't know... but it's warm..."

This is honestly not a reaction to anything that I saw today on PTI, but I took the show off my Tivo Season Pass list. I can't pin-point one clear "Jump the Shark" moment, but the show's been thoroughly boring for quite some time now. -Maybe it's Tony's pathetic prime-time assimilation attempt, or maybe I've just had enough of Wilbon's weak and misguided"South Side" tough-guy routine, but it all just seems like a waste of time now. -A waste of time to watch, and an even larger waste of time to write about (reading this, of course, was always the most noble, least pathetic, endeavor of all).

Regardless, I wish them, and all five of you, the best of luck in whatever future projects you undertake.