Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stephen A. Smith Is Wrong For Once (O.K., Maybe the 100th Time)...

Today on Sportscenter, Stephen A. 'Med-ve-den-ko' Smith' proclaimed Allen Iverson to be better than Kobe Bryant based on the players that surround each guy. Now, as Smith would say, "Let me make one thing perfectly clear". I'm no fan of Kobe Bryant. I happen to think he's one of the biggest walking douchebags in the league. But let's just take a quick look at a player by player comparison of who 'Drive-by-verson' plays with compared to Kobe's 'help';

Center; Dalembert vs. Mihm: A wash. Maybe a slight advantage to Dalembert, just because he's Haitian (and Mihm went to Texas and they just won the National championship so screw them).

Power Forward; Webber vs. Brian Cook: Not very close. Webber by about 34 Power Forwards in the league.

Shooting Forward; Korver vs. Odom: Maybe Odom by a tiny bit due to versatility. I'd rather have Korver on my team just for consistency.

Shooting Guard; Iguodala vs. Bryant: As fun as Andre is to watch, c'mon, don't be stupid... The asshole rapist in a landslide.

Point Guard; Iverson vs. Smush Parker: About as lopsided as you can get.

So just to recap, the Lakers barely are better at one and a half positions and the Sixers dominate heavily in three and a half positions, almost laughably so.

Good point Stephen. It's so obvious to me now how much more valuable Allen Iverson is to his team. It's nice to see that you don't let home-town feelings cloud your judgement when it comes to basketball.


At 2:55 PM, Blogger Corey said...

Odom, under the influence of a dozen hits of the sweetest sticky-icky, is still 20x better than Korver.

I can see part of your point, other than the fact that Korver can't rebound, play defense and has no inside game.

Korver probably scores hotter pieces of ass though.

At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Philly Lee said...

i'm a huge sixers fan, but lamar odom does it all -- kyle korver shoots 3's ... and that's about it ... and yeah, he probably gets hotter chicks than odom.

i'll take lamar odom over kyle korver any day of the week.

note to espn viewers: whenever stephen a. smith comes on ur screen ... just hit ur 'mute' button -- the guy has become an entertainer (he says things just to say things and create controversy) ... not an NBA analyst.

the one thing i will say, is that iverson has enough pieces that he shouldn't be shooting as much or wasting as much energy. he should drop the ball down to CWebb more and let CWebb create for the rest of the team as he used to do perfectly in Sactown (just look at Peja's number with and without CWebb as a teammate).

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck you asshole kobe bryant is better than iverson.


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