Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Robinson Takes On The Big Problems

Frank Robinson, who manages a team that had no home for the last two years and traveled around like an elderly Puerto Rican whose friends and relatives keep dying back in the homeland, is whining about the Washington Nationals lack of TV coverage.

They're getting first half of the show coverage, but apparently Frankie wants all media to begin every broadcast with slow motion pictures of Livan Hernandez striking people out while 'God Bless America' plays in the background.

Here's a short list of teams with an actual beef: Tigers, Brewers, Royals, Padres, DevilRays, Rockies, A's, D-Backs, Pirates and, oh yeah, every team that's not in New York, Boston, Philly or L.A.


At 10:57 AM, Blogger Corey said...

The Rays and Pirates have no beef...Teams with under $30M payroll should get no TV!


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