Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's All Over. Help Me Push Yankee Stadium Into The Hudson

Nice Rug. Did it come with a chinstrap?

Holy Concaving Catholics! The way Yankee fans are carrying on, you would think that the Bronx Bombers have been mathmatically eliminated already. From Steinbrenner's big fat trap to God's ears, Joe Jeter-fan is more than willing to panic if that's what the boss wants him to do.

Just to put things in perspective, we are now a whopping 8% of the way through the season. That's SIX games into a basketball season, SEVEN games into hockey season and ONE game into football season. As a reminder, six games into the NBA season, the big story was how dominant the Utah Jazz were and how nobody had an answer for the one-two punch of Andrei Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer. Last time I checked, they finished 19 games out of a playoff spot in a league where everyone makes the playoffs.

As was pointed out, it's most likely Steinbrenner realizing they've got a long home stand coming up against shitty teams, so why not say something like this so he can take credit for their 'turnaround'. That's probably true, but does everyone have to eat it up like he just fired the whole squad?


At 7:34 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Holy crap. For a second there I thought it was an old picture of the new pope.

I think the funniest thing I heard all day today was TK saying the cardinals in Rome could have gotten Phil Jackson if they held out a little longer. Iced tea almost came out of my nose.

Lovin' PTE, by the way. It's like I can turn to PTI anytime!


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