Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Red Sox... Too Early To Panic?

Here's a picture of David Wells after hearing how many chicken soft tacos you can buy with $8 million dollars.

I know it's only two games in, but David Wells? Do you honestly think the Sox would've even taken a second look at this tub if he hadn't been a hero at Yankee stadium? He was the only 'beloved former Yankee' on the market and they did what they had to do to get him. The only trouble is that he hasn't been that good the last couple of years and you're asking him to fill the shoes of Pedro.

Couple that with asking Clement to fill the shoes of Derek Lowe and I'm just not feeling it this year for the Red Sox. Schilling's a great guy to have in the #1 spot, but it was a whole hell of a lot scarier when he was #2, and the drop from 1 to 2 to 3 is noticeable this year. The words 'rely' and 'Wakefield and Arroyo' should never be used together.

Oh, and Wilbon, I'm writing this from the WEST coast and I didn't grow up in New York or Boston. Get over your retarded midwest jealousy about the Northeast. People don't care about the Cubs and White Sox because they SUCK, not because of some geographical bias. If Chicago and St. Louis played every single year in fall classic after fall classic, battling it out decade after decade, then the country would look forward to their meetings as much as a 'meaningless' game between the Yanks and the Sawks in April.


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