Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sayer of Sooths!! He Who Sees What Has Yet to Be Saw... or something like that

How would a coffin help him see the future?

I'll let Jeff weigh in on the Lords of the Rings since he's actually from the greater Boston area (for the next year or so, everything east of Syracuse counts as greater Beantown).

As for me, since it's never too early to make half-baked, pie-in-the-sky double-careening bankshot predictions that'll only serve to make me look foolish later on, here's some prognostications of matchups/winners of the upcoming NBA playoffs;

Round one;
PHX-MEM, 4-1
SA-HOU, 4-2
SEA-DEN, a super Kharmic payback for '94 with Denver going up 3-0 and Seattle coming back to tie it. Then Seattle chokes and Denver wins 4-3.
DAL-SAC, 4-1.

MIA-NJ, 4-0
DET-CLE, 4-1
BOS-IND, 4-1
CHI-WAS, 2-4 Wizards take it, shutting Wilbon up.

Second Round;
PHX-DAL, 3-4 Mavericks in an upset. Score of game 7: 160-159
SA-DEN, 4-2

MIA-WAS, 4-0
DET-BOS, 4-2

Conference Finals;
SA-DAL, 4-2
MIA-DET, 2-4 Pistons back in championship

SA-DET, 4-2 Spurs win, Ginobili named MVP.

Oh yeah, and draft lottery goes; ATL, LAL, CHA and on down.

We now return you to your laughable human state of being.


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