Friday, March 04, 2005

Can...You...Dig It?

Today on the show, it was discussed how unbelievable it is that the Lakers will quite probably miss the playoffs altogether this year. While I concede that I didn't think they would be THIS bad, it fills me with great joy to see people as egotistic and full of themselves as Kobe Bryant and Jerry Buss get their come-uppance.

As much as I enjoyed the collapse of Da Bulls, this is even more enjoyable than watching Jerry Krause go down in flames in Chicago was. I wouldn't even refer to it as 'Schadenfraude' because that involves taking joy in watching 'anyone' suffer. It's much much more enjoyable when big-headed jerks call their shot, when they stand up at the top of the mountain and scream to the world, "I am brilliant. It's all my fault that we rule and I'll prove it by getting rid of everyone but me.". After Jerry Buss shit-canned everyone but his 'golden boy', it is so much fun watching them stink up the NBA.


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