Friday, February 25, 2005

Going Bigtime

'Korny and Bon' (their old vaudeville names) were on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, and despite being somehwat out of their element, I thought carried themselves very well. They actually reminded me a lot of when Siskel and Ebert used to come on talk shows way back in the day.

Kornheiser further proved that he is the funnier of the two. At one point, Wilbon was trying to blame parents for teenagers that start using steroids and Tony went off on him and Dave. "Blame the parents? What's wrong with you? I'll just blame myself!". That and recounting how the city of Jacksonville wanted to sue Kornheiser because of statements that he made about how they have the highest number of 'Hooters' per capita were pretty funny.

The only thing that was kind of disturbing was Letterman's (and I'm sure most of the country's) view that the whole Steroids in baseball controversy is really a whole lot of fuss over nothing, and that in the end, who cares if the entertainment's good. There wasn't enough time for a proper debate on the subject, so I doubt very much if anyone who didn't see it as a crisis before had their mind changed.


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