Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Anatomy of A Toss-Up Ass-Kicking

Ok, usually it's not nearly the blowout that TK makes it sound like, but today's tossup made Wilbon look like a fool. Let's get the first one over the loudspeaker!

1 - Wilbon tries to make the point that the VIKINGS made out better in the Moss trade! Sure they did. And if the Cavaliers trade LeBron for Jameer Nelson and a second round pick tomorrow, it'll be good for the Cavs because they can always use that pick to take Luke Schensher of Georgia Tech.

2 - Wilbon would choose Maurice (can drink a 40 faster than run one) Clarett over Ricky Williams because 'Maurice wants to play'. I wanna play too, does that mean I'm better than a guy who can guarantee you 1500 yards?

3 - They both take the Pistons to make it to the finals before the Heat just to suck up to their boy Larry Brown. The chicken-like equivalent of a 'push'.

4 - Wilbon blames Luke Walton for passing up the final shot against the Knicks. I like Kornheiser's point, however, that Kobe has them all too scared to take a shot and Walton was just looking to get the ball to the 'franchise'. Point to TK.

5 - Wilbon sort of takes Barry Bonds to collapse before Roger Clemens because of his arthritic knees, and "when they go, they go". As if Bonds is going to strut up to the plate one day and just drop to the ground and clutch his knees and do his best Redd Foxx, "Oh! Felipe! It's the big one...".

C'mon Wilbon, you gotta bring it better than that!


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