Monday, February 28, 2005

Kornheiser's On The Clear AND The Cream...

Christ-like savior or just some dude who almost single-handedly killed the U of Michigan basketball program?

Did I hear Tony on today's show say that the combination of Iverson and Webber now gives the Sixers the 2nd BEST 2-MAN TANDEM IN THE NBA right after Shaq/Wade? Not best in the Eastern Conference, not best in the state of Pennsylvania, but in the whole freaking LEAGUE. Are you kidding me? Here's a list of 2-man tandems currently playing that are better than Iverson/Webber:

Arenas/Jameson, Kidd/Carter, Nash/Stoudemire, R. Lewis/R. Allen, Finley/Nowitzki, Yao/McGrady. Hell, I would even say that Baron Davis/James Richardson in Golden State is a better tandem.

Hey, much love for Philly, but relax people. You're still out of a playoff spot the last time I checked and y'all are behaving as if they should hand you the trophy right now.


At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate Chris Webber. As a Philly fan, I despise the move, because he is quite simply a loser. However, of the tandems you named, only one is clearly better than Iverson/Webber (Nash/Stoudamire). What people don't understand is that Iverson is having possibly his best season.

The numbers don't tell the whole story, but they don't lie either. Iverson + Webber combine for more points per game AND more assists per game than any of the other tandems you mention (heat and suns tandems included).

Not saying that the sixers team is any good (probably 4th-5th in the East). Also not saying that they are the best tandem, though the argument could obviously be made. I have them 3rd best behind the suns and the heat tandems. Its hard to even come up with a quality argument that any of the others are better.

At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's James Richardson?

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Corey said...

Baron Davis/Jason better than Iverson/Webber??!?!

Oooooook...You're a tad bit crazy. Sounds like something wacky Skip Bayless would say.

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Drew said...

Oooh, compared to Bayless. That's low. Why not just compare me to Bill Walton?

All these arguments about Webber/Iverson being the next Cousy/Russell are based on both of them being at the peak of their careers, which they're not (Iverson might be, but Webber will more than likely blow out one of his knees in the next year).

Just because Iverson's happy doesn't mean he'll pass the ball ever and just because Webber was good 5 years ago doesn't mean he'll ever be again.

At 12:09 PM, Blogger Corey said...

Iverson is Top 5 in assists this season (7.8). If he's been passing the ball to Kyle Korver and Samuel Dalembert, I doubt he'll have a problem passing to Webber.

These arguments about Iverson not passing are so...2001. He's been Top 10 in assists for the last two years.

Webber does the ball he can on one leg. It's a mystery to me how he's averging 21 and 10 with the second-most triple doubles in the league.

I still don't think they Philly is going to beat Miami, Indiana or Detroit down the stretch in a seven-game series, but Iverson's beyond the ballhawking phase and Webber is as good a complimentary player as he's had.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feel free to come and check it out if you get time :-)


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