Tuesday, March 22, 2005

C.U. Next Tuesday...

Devoted Coach, Beloved Aunt, Paul Silas.

There's been a lot of talk since Paul Silas got fired about how black coaches seem to get the 'high-hat' pretty damn quickly these days. Examples include Byron Scott, Mo Cheeks, Johnny Davis etc. And while these are probably good examples of coaches let go when a VanGundy or a Dunleavy would've been given a few more years, there's one thing we have to remember in Silas' case:

He called Carlos Boozer a c*nt!!! Now I'm as foul-mouthed as anyone, but right when I heard that I said to myself, "You can't do that!". Everyone would love to find a reporter and start rattling off the c-word about people you're not too fond of, but every once in awhile, you've got to reel it in a bit. The shame is there's so many other words you could've used that have nearly the impact of 'C to the T' without getting you canned. How about 'Dick'? It's nice and curt and you could always claim that you thought his real name was Richard. Or 'a-hole', it's TV-friendly and has the added benefit of being classifiable, like 'Utah-lovin' A-hole' or 'Alaskan A-hole'.

Just a reminder that, when it comes to insulting your former players, originality is the key. Otherwise, you might lose your job to some twat.


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