Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Williams: "From Now On, I'll Only Smoke Other People's Resin"

Say it ain't so, Ricky! Say that the reports that you've ditched the hippie lettuce are erroneous!! Erroneous!!

Wait a minute, I see what you're doing. Brilliant plan. First, kick weed, then convince Dolphins you're all better and get your 8 million back, then fake an injury in your first or second game back and use the 8 million to buy the world's biggest joint!!!

I found this picture of Ricky from the future. At this point, he's smoked so much weed that he's actually turned into a skinny hispanic woman. Weird!!


At 5:30 PM, Anonymous kinda shifty said...

Hey, we had our first ear infection last week so I'm way behind in my reading. I just had to chime in and report that this entry gave me the biggest guffaw of any Webbish writing of 2005.

Huzzah, as they say, to you.

Keep it coming.


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