Thursday, July 14, 2005

Guess Who's Back!

Re-gracing the stage of Around The Horn yesterday was none other than My main man Michael Holley!! He got some well deserved ribbing for bolting the show a year and a half ago, but he managed to brush it off. Gone are the dreads and it its place is that bald look that was so popular during Michael Jordan's first run at a championship.

Welcome back to the world of sports punditry, Holley. I'm just glad that, unlike Max Kellerman, you didn't have to accept a humiliating job as Tucker Carlson's strawman toady to get back on the tube.


At 7:17 PM, Blogger Kurt said...

I missed Michael Holley? God dammit. Please tell me that, although his dreds are gone (I liked to pretend that they were pony tails), he still has those adorable braces.

And Max Kellerman's on Bowtie's new show? Oh, man. I always pictured that Max Kellerman would smell like somebody took a shit in a bottle of cologne and sprayed inside the backseat of an old Cadillac with torn-ass seats and no seatbelts. I know, it's vivid, but that's what I pictured.


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