Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dogs And Cats Sleeping Together, Mass Hysteria!!

This man is batshit crazy, or as the kids say, "Cruise-azy".

Well, it's early July and time for managers, owners, season ticket holders and everyone else in baseball to freak the hell out. Seems like any team that is having trouble winning, needs a little something else to push them over the top, or is just always paranoid is talking about shaking things up.

First comes Lou Pinella, who keeps threatening to start his relievers and then bring in his starters after a few innings. Just maybe the dumbest idea in the history of professional sports, but remember, this is a guy trying to get fired. I'm guessing the next thing Lou tries is to have the pitcher wear a large potato sack on his head during odd-numbered innings.

Now comes word that the 'four games up so it's time to panic' Red Sox are going to bring Schilling back as a closer. Am I the only person who watched Schilling slowly dominate 6 or 7 innings at a time last year? I've never looked at his pitching style and thought to myself, "He's the guy I want only pitching the last inning of a game".

If either Pinella or Epstein need pitchers, there are plenty of awful teams that will give 'em up (The Mariners are interested in getting rid of Guardado. After all, he's all they've got, so why not have 'no' pitching at all). So stop going for the silly gimmicks and wacky-ass stunts.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Mike said...

I like the Pinella move, sure its not the smartest thing for a baseball team to do, but this is Tampa Bay we're talking about. How many guys would they have in their bullpen anyway? 9? If they've got 9 guys in there I'd give them 1 inning per game in the next series and tell the starters to take a vacation. Whats the worst that could happen? They fall from 22 games back to 25? Then I'd start letting my position players pitch, and maybe have a fan come out of the stands to finish the close games.

If I were running the Devil Rays I'd be pulling rediculous stunts everygame. Like playing every fielder on one side, or put everyone in the outfield and just throw lob balls to the plate. They need to do something to keep the 30 or so fans they've got entertained.

*for the record I actually like the devil rays...but man are they awful

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mike, it's the D-Rays, they haven't really got anything to lose, and if Lou gets a few chuckles out of the media reaction, and staves of an impending coronary, so much the better.

At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Lou should run his pitchers like a spring game, two-three innings apiece (with the exceptions of McClung and Kazmir, both of whom the are developing as starters).

As for Piniella just picking up pitchers...On the Devil Rays? Do you have a clue? This team considers its 28M payroll to be extreme.


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