Monday, July 04, 2005

Bob Ryan For Permanent Replacement Co-Host!!

Yeah, I know, he's a blowhard, loud and obnoxious, and has that annoying New England accent, but I thought the chemistry between Kornheiser and Ryan last week was great. It felt a lot more like sitting at the end of a bar in downtown Boston listening to two crusty drunks switch between brilliant takes on sports and playing the dozens than it did a talk show.

No way he should replace Wilbon, but he's at least a hundred times better than the replacements they've tried before. Michael Smith? The 'not really that hateable' Dan Lebatard? The 'actually hateable' Skip Bayless? Poker Commentator Norman Chad? None of them can carry Bob Ryan's jock!

The one thing I will ask is that they never give Dan Shaunessey a shot. It's bad enough just looking at the picture next to his column, much less have to see him speak and move!


    At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm not as big a Bob Ryan fan as you, but I certainly prefer him over the people you mentioned. Still, I miss David Aldridge. He was always my favorite guest host. He was funny, knowledgable (at least about the NBA), and he din't have to SCREAM ALL THE TIME (I'm looking at you Stephen A., lower the volume before I introduce duct tape to the equation).

    And Dan LeBatard is still quite hateable, just not as much as when Barry Bonds was a more consistent topic. That was when Dan's constant butt-kissing was truly it's most annoying for me.



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