Friday, October 14, 2005

Employee #8 vs. Pau Gasol's Beard

A few random thoughts while watching the preseason matchup of Heat v. Grizzlies (Yeah, I know there's a 'playoff' baseball game on, but it's basically the racist white jerks of Orange County vs. fairweather Cubs fans like Wilbon who are suddenly in love with the 'pale hose', so who cares?)

- Hakim Warrick is the shit. In 10 years, people won't wonder how a team with Carmelo Anthony and Warrick won a NCAA championship, they'll wonder how any team playing against them managed to come within 40 points.

- Jason Williams is still an idiot. Sacramento will eventually look like geniuses again for giving up on the biggest show boat since the Pacific Princess.

- Gasol's new beard rules. How do you say "rugged, Dan Haggerty-esque motherfucker" in spanish?

- Damon Stoudamire's a Grizzly? Let's just hope that Darius Miles is able to FedEx him a weekly 'care package' from the Pacific Northwest.

- The Heat have too many players. James Posey could be THE man on half a dozen other teams. He'll be lucky to get 10 minutes a night on this roster.


At 5:29 AM, Blogger Uriondo said...

I´m Spanish, from Madrid, so you can say:

"Rudo hijo de puta en plan Dan Haggerty"

You are welcome...


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