Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Stroke Me Stroke Me... Stroke!! Stroke!!

I'm not sure if I understand what the 'controversy' is surrounding Teddy Bruschi's decision to come back to practice this week.

I've heard several commentators insinuate that he's 'taking a risk', and that 'this could end tragically and I don't think I would be willing to put my life in my hands like that'.


Basically, people are treating this like it's a knee injury or that he's got some bizarre Reggie Lewis/Eddy Curry heart condition. The last time I checked, no one in the history of the world ever had another stroke because he was hit too hard or ran too fast. What exactly are these people afraid will happen? Do they really think that an offensive lineman is going to chop block him and that Teddy will shout out, "Blood Clot!!" and lose all sensation in the right side of his body?

C'mon now, the doctors have cleared him, he feels no ill effects and is back in shape. There's no reason NOT to let him play. Am I supposed to believe that another 8 months off will give his blood time to 'not clot' or his arteries a chance to 'not close up'?

Welcome back Teddy...


At 6:38 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Honestly? I think it's a ploy by all the people who are sick of the Patriots and sure as hell don't want to see a bunch of stories about how "Tedy Bruschi's inspirational comeback from a stroke propelled the Patriots to yet another SuperBowl. Isn't it amazing how the whole team rallied around him, in a show of solidarity common to that great no stars system in New England. And oh yeah, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever."

I think I just made myself ill.


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