Sunday, December 11, 2005

More Shameless Homer-ing

Congratulations are in order for the New York Giants. Good job beating the Philadelphia Eagles. I suppose this 'victory' is somewhat tainted by the fact that it took almost an entire overtime to achieve, but hey, a victory's a victory, right?

Of course, none of this applies to the Seattle Seahawks. East Coast biased jackasses have been using Seattle's 'unconvincing' wins against the 49ers and Giants as a reason to doubt their legitimacy for weeks now. But of course it would be really petty and pointless to bring up that last Monday, at the same part of the game when Seattle was beating Philadelphia 42 to nothing, the Giants were TIED with the Eagles (and when the Seahawks played them they had Brian Westbrook).

Yes indeed, I expect lots of talk from Tony, ESPN and all the other sports programming that tunes out if it doesn't involve the Giants or the Jets to drag out the old Herm Edwards quote, "We play to win the games". After all, that's what you say when your team barely wins, right?

The only thing that prevents me from becoming really excited about the possibilty of the Seahawks going really far in the playoffs this year is the completely predictable reaction it will get from the East Coast press. "Parity is bad", "It was a weak year for the NFC", "It was a weak year for the NFL", "Boy that team from Oregon or whatever sure got lucky". Anything but the dick firmly in the mouth of Tom Coughlin that would occur if the Giants somehow lucked their way into the SuperBowl.


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what will be even better is when the Seahawks lose to the Giants in Seattle and you're forced to eat your words with a dirty spoon.

But that would just be east coast bias again, I guess.

And I'm not even a Giants fan.


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