Monday, August 08, 2005

Attention Nascar Whiners

No matter what sports show you're watching, whether it's PTI, Around the Horn or 'This Week in the LPGA', they seem to be inundated with letters from Nascar fans wanting to know why their beloved sport doesn't get more coverage. After all, it's more popular than golf, so why does golf get so much run?

The most obvious reason is that there's no story to Nascar. Once you've described which guy won because he avoided crashing into anything and managed to keep his right foot pressed up against the gas pedal better than the other guys, you're pretty much out of drama. There's no trades to discuss, no coaching changes, no draft, no nothing. Apart from changing sponsors or occasionally watching the gear-head crews try and beat each other up, what more is there to discuss?

So please, Nascar dads, enjoy the fact that you're silly left turn only excuse to advertise Tide Laundry detergent is doing so well. Just quit trying to get people not named Clem or Scooter to talk about it.


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