Friday, August 05, 2005

Stop Coddling Him!

Let's get one thing straight that is a FACT. If Rafael Palmiero was black, this story would be over already. He'd be out of the Hall, out of baseball and about as popular as O.J. But because Raffy's got those Thomas Magnum good looks and speaks perfect english and wagged his finger at Congress, everyone wants to believe that this is some kind of setup. Bullshit.

We now know that the type of 'roids that Raffy took aren't the kind that are accidentally present in 'GNC Weight Gain 5000'. It's not something that can show up in trace amounts in your Cheerios like Rat feces. There's only two ways you get this shit in your system, by ramming a needle in your ass or gulping it down with your morning Viagra. So quit spinning, Magnum. Be a man and admit that you're a selfish asshole.

I can't stand the hypocritical, 'win at all costs', 'If you're not cheating you're not trying' mentality that exists today. From Enron to baseball to the President of the United States, people are so goddamn jaded about how their actions affect their fellow human beings that they see life as a big con job, a series of opportunities to lie, cheat and steal your way to a fortune. If you get caught, you just shrug your shoulders and lie about it until no one cares anymore, and if you don't get caught, use your millions of dollars to treat everyone else like shit.

If this is ever going to reverse itself, a huge example needs to be made out of someone, and I vote that it be Raffy. Try and ram it through that moussed hairdo of his that when you cheat and lie, it harms other people, people who are trying to play by the rules and find out if hard work and determination really do pay off in the end. How many players has Palmiero knocked off of rosters? How many pitchers has he caused to lose their jobs? How many opposing managers, GMs and coaches have his inflated statistics caused grief and humiliation? All for what? So Rafael Palmiero can make millions of dollars? Screw him. He deserves none of it.

If it were up to me, Palmiero would be subjected to every medical test and lie detector known to man to try and determine exactly when he started taking steroids. Once that was determined, he would be forced to donate every penny he's made since that date to a pension plan for older players that played the game clean. Leave him homeless for what he's done, dying under a bridge like JR Richard. Maybe then people will think twice before cheating.

I hope you never get in to the Hall of Fame, Raffy. In a hundred years, I hope people can barely remember your name, and then associate you only with being one of the selfish losers who put money and stats above the game and essentially ruined a whole generation of baseball.


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