Wednesday, July 27, 2005

They Never Had 10 More Minutes Of Seinfeld On In The Middle Of Suddenly Susan

It's nice to have the 'A' team back, but what the hell is up with this 'we'll be back with more after the first ten minutes of Sportscenter' nonsense? It completely baffles my Tivo, and I don't want to commit to recording the entirely useless, hour-long in the middle of the day SportsCenter. Oh well, if it's important, I guess they will have covered it in the first half hour they're given.

Speaking of which, what's up with the middle of the day SportsCenter? Who is this useful for? No games have been played yet! Sure, there might be a coaching change to report or something, but that's usually something I can read about on the scrawl and then get the 'It's great to be here' press conference footage later on. Hell, if I'm that much of a diehard I'll just flip over to ESPNNews and watch the whole boring thing.

I miss the old ESPN that used to show completely pointless and weird stuff in the middle of the day. It was always trick shot pool or some kind of SuperDogs/Super Owners competition.

Feel free to leave your favorite ESPN mid-afternoon time killer 'sport' in the comments.


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