Friday, June 17, 2005

A Home For Kellerman

Actually, more like a sublet, because I can't imagine that this particular gig will last very long.

Yup, one of the best sports commentators in the country, unceremoniously cancelled by the geniuses at FoxSports so that they can fill his time slot with another Summer Sanders list show or something, is back. Of course, he's no longer talking about sports and is forced to suck up to one of the world's most repulsive human beings, but hey, work's work, right?

The Situation with Tucker Carlson debuted this week and, thanks probably in large part to former 'I, Max' producer Bill Wolff, looks like a political version of Kellerman's old show. There's a list of topics, rapid fire exchange. All it needs is Michael Holley cracking back on Tucker's Momma and it'd be lawsuit time.

But anyway, back to Max. His role on the show is called "The Outsider" and he basically comes in every day to 'defend the indefensible', in other words be a contrarian, in other words, the 'devil's advocate' portion of his old show. Except now it's not about sports and involves toad-like bowtie officianado Carlson.

Where to begin. Poor Max. What's most offensive about the whole piece is Max's contention that HE doesn't really even believe most of the stuff he's arguing. The problem is, that because he's arguing against Tucker Carlson, most of the positions that Max is arguing are left-wing liberal positions. This creates the illusion that most liberals don't REALLY believe what they're arguing but are only doing it to be a contrarian and a jerk. Kellerman's a smart guy and usually makes his point fairly well, but with that goofy grin on his face all the time and 'Hey, you never know, I might actually think that, wink wink' attitude, I find his whole persona really annoying on the show. Well, that and because he has to share the screen with Tucker 'the dick' Carlson.

Attention FOXSports, if Max Kellerman is still under contract with you, give him a SPORTS show. That's what he does. And somebody please revive Michael Holley and get him back on Around the Horn or something.


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