Friday, June 03, 2005

Words Up

A 'Holla', 'shoutout', and of course DAP by the truckload to the fine folks at Bacon Strips for a kind mention. Thanks to them, our readership shot up to well over a hundred a day! This is a big improvement from the usual 3 friends of ours and 20 other people that accidentally mash our URL on their keyboard while trying to get a hacked password to unlock ''.

UPDATE: I just realized that Baconstrip's post is from mid-april! D'oh! Well, if anyone knows a reason other than our unfettered, chicken-rich brilliance that this site is suddenly 'gettin some', you best not keep it to yo' self!

Mmmmm... Bacon.


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Pretty sure you're not getting the increased traffic from us over at bacon strips, but if our traffic goes up from your link then a 'holla' right back at ya.....actually I'll holla at ya regardless, keep up the good work!


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