Monday, May 09, 2005

Defending Those We Hate

Allen Iverson's a jackass. A thuggish, short-sighted, selfish, ball-hogging dumbass with the likeability of Lou Gehrig's disease.

And another thing, he was by far and away the best basketball player in the NBA this year. The idea that he finished fifth in the MVP voting is criminal. I've got nothing against Nash, O'Neal, Nowitzki or Tim Duncan, but the primary reason that Nash won is that he was injured for a few weeks and Phoenix went into the toilet. His numbers are average, his game is nice and speedy and sound and all, but what kind of nonsense criteria are they using these days? Hell, Jamal Mashburn was injured for the entire season and his team nearly finished dead last. Why not make him MVP?

You don't have to use 'perceived' value to evaluate Allen Iverson. Granted, you take him off the 76ers and, not only do they not even come close to making the playoffs, but you could make the argument that they would've given Atlanta and New Orleans a serious run for their money as the worst team in the league. Honestly, are you going to tell me that a starting five of Dalembert, Webber, Korver, Iguodala and Kevin Ollie wouldn't be historically awful?

Allen Iverson DOUBLED Steve Nash's ppg while Nash only got 3 more assists per game than A.I. Whatever garbage stats you can pull up, I can pretty much guarantee that Iverson's are significantly better and that if he were a nice floppy-haired white guy (there, I said it), they'd be building statues of him in front of every arena in the country.

Oh well, the whole thing is moot anyway since some complete fool gave a fifth place vote to P.J. Brown. That's right, the 3rd best player on the 2nd worst team is 5th best in the whole league. Kudos to you!


At 5:25 PM, Blogger Corey said...

Makes perfect sense (Re: Brown)...

3rb best player + 2nd worst team...

3 + 2 = 5...

Congrats to P.J. !


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