Thursday, May 12, 2005

He Can't Pick His Own Disciples? He's Nick-named King James For Chrissakes!!

Memo to LeBron's new agent: Athletes have been used in the past to make overpriced shoes seem more appealing. There may be some money there. Look into it.

All the fuss that people are raising over LeBron James dumping his agent in favor of his buddy seems silly. "But he made him over $150 million", "What about loyalty?", "What happens if he needs to change teams or negotiate a new deal?".

Let's first talk about the money. Yes, his old agent did negotiate $150 million dollars in contracts for him, for which he was compensated with $15 million dollars. And what was it he did exactly that a smoking chimp couldn't have done? What, he pointed out that a phenominally talented basketball player with a likeable personality would be a good pitch-man for Sprite? Good move, I would never of thought of that.

And as for the new deal or trade, how hard is that going to be? Something tells me if LeBron becomes a free agent and every team in the league is competing for him, they're not going to say to themselves, "Hey, wait a minute. He's got that slightly more inexperienced agent! Let's offer him a '40' of St. Ides and coupon for Red Lobster and see if he takes that.".

For what they do, agents are the most overpayed, overhyped scumbags in the entire world. So good for LeBron for at least making it someone he likes.


At 1:30 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Did y'all see Drew Rosenhaus get grilled by Dan patrick tonight on SportsCenter? Holy Carl Jung! Is that guy a stereo-typical scumbag sports agent archetype, or what?!

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Drew said...

Yeah, my favorite part was Drew screaming 'Chill out dudes'. Cause you know, deep down he's just keepin' it real like he did on the streets as a kid.


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