Wednesday, May 04, 2005

They're Only Winning To Make Me Look Like An Idiot

"Kneel Before Afro!!"

Those plucky Seattle Supersonics rolled over Sacramento 4-1 last night to advance to the Conference semis. Something they only did to make me look like a total jackass.

Here's my post about the 'SuckySonics' dated July 19th of last year. I called them 'the worst franchise in pro sports', saying they 'haven't done a damn thing to improve' and that they 'don't give a rat's ass about winning'.

Of course, as it turns out, they're the most underrated wrecking ball in the whole NBA. Seattle is the only team besides Miami that has two players averaging over 20 ppg (Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis), they have awesome role-players in Luke Ridnour, Jerome James, Antonio Daniels and Radmanovic and I'm beginning to think they could actually make a series out of their upcoming showdown with the Spurs.

Of course, now that I've said that, Bruce Bowen will proceed to make Ray Allen look like a slightly less productive UConn grad than Khalid El-Amin.

Oh well, I'm having fun while it lasts. And even though I grew up loving the Supes and will continue to give them their due DAP, they've got to do something about those 'pee-yellow' road u-nies...


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