Friday, March 18, 2005


Ha! Those stupid Irish think March Madness involves soccer!!

Alright, we're in the swing of it now, by gum. Phone the kids and wake up the neighbors, hold on to your wigs and keys, cause this train has left the station and ain't stoppin' 'till 'dis 'ere 'scribe stops a'usin' so many quotes in his writin'.

Who's the big loser so far? Three words, hombre, the S.E.C. Right off the bat we were treated to Kentucky squeaking by powerhouse basketball juggernaut Eastern Kentucky, then right after that, we get to watch Alabama lay a big smelly Cleveland Steamer at the feet of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and finally, later in the evening, those uppity literates from Louisiana State University made UAB look like the 89-90 Runnin' Rebels.

It's time to start treatin' the SEC like what it is, a group of Football schools (except Kentucky) that don't try very hard when it comes to hoops. Give them 1 or 2 bids at most (just use the rules already in place for the MAC).

Alright then, back to the madness!!


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