Friday, February 18, 2005

What Does LeBron Owe You?

According to Wilbon and several others I've heard recently, Lebron James 'owes' it to you and the NBA to participate in the NBA slam-dunk competition. He has to 'be like Mike' and save the league by doing a wacky 360 degree dunk through his legs while on fire or something.

Nonsense! No one is ever going to 're-create' Jordan's career step-by-step. Lebron James is good, in fact, he's the most amazing overall player I've seen since Jordan, but trying to plug him into public relations stunts that worked 20 years ago is silly. When Jordan competed in the slam dunk competition, dunking was still kind of a novelty. Aside from Dr. J, the only people who dunked were big clumsy centers like Bill Walton who only dunked because taking a jump shot from 0 feet was still a little too risky.

But today, thanks to circus entertainers like Cedric Ceballos and Dee Brown, the dunk represents a lot more of what's wrong about the game of basketball than what's right. About halfway through most dunks, I start thinking of other things, "Where did I park my car?", "Did I leave the iron on?", "Oh, he made it. Good for him.".

Lebron owes the NBA nothing but the incredible team game he's brought back to the league. Showcasing his individual abilities is fun to watch for a few seconds, but really only represents about 10% of what he's got.


At 11:26 AM, Anonymous John said...

I agree, fellas. The entire league appears to be piggybacking Lebron as it is. I'd like to see him compete, but he doesn't "owe" it to the NBA.

At 11:46 AM, Blogger Monty said...

Maybe Bronbron doesn't owe the league anything, (other than a thank-you for the opportunity to make millions), but perhaps he does owe the fans something. Don't you think that all the little kids out there forkin' out their allowance money for James jerseys and Bubblicious would like to see their man Lebron struttin' his stuff in the contenst?
Personally, I'm looking forward to Chris Anderson atoning for getting shafted in last year's comp.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Corey said...

This morning Michael Smith and Skippy said that the NBA needs LeBron in the dunk contest..

No.The NBA needs LeBron in the playoffs. He doesn't want to do the event, he's already in the Rookie/Sophomore game and the regular All-Star game. Let him sit next to Iverson and root on Kyle Korver on Saturday.

At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, does anyone even care about the dunk contest anymore? And how would the NBA feel if Bron blows out his ACL trying some crazy dunk? I'm sure that would be great for their product.


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