Monday, March 13, 2006

Credit in the Steroid Era?

Indeed. I do hate Johnny Damon now. In the words of Boston Paul, who stayed at the apartment a few months ago, "I hope he breaks his spine on opening day." (DAMN!)

Bourdet and I were talking about the baseball steroids scandal and we both agreed, the one guy who's never going to get credit for not taking steroids is Ken Griffey Jr.

Everyone loved to harp on how frequently he got hurt. If he was on the juice, think of how much faster he could have got back into the line-up (which, I've read, is a major motivation to use steroids), not to mention how it would have improved his game. I honestly think, if you gave Jim Rice or Andre Dawson the same steroids that Bonds took, he'd be chasing their records. If you gave the same steroids to Griffey Jr., forgettaboutit! -He'd be the reigning home run king. Hell, at the beginning of his career, people had already mathematically figured out if he stayed healthy and had mediocre years, he'd eventually break Aaron's record, but it just didn't work out that way.

I know it's tough to look at this whole dark chapter and try to give credit to someone who didn't cheat, but think of all the temptation that Griffey had all around him: the records, the money, the attention, the legacy, getting off the injured list faster, and he still managed to play fair. That's remarkable in today's sports climate.


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