Saturday, September 10, 2005

Let the Hating... Begin!

All you Silky Johnson, Notre Dame Haters finally have something to hate on. Let's face it, Notre Dame truly hasn't been a threat to college football's elite teams since Lou Holtz and Rocket Ismail, yet the vocal ND Haters out there never toned down their volume. I always found it strange that a team that inferior could garner so much nation-wide hatred. What a waste of energy!

Well, not anymore. Their win today over #3 Michigan, in front of a crowd of 111,000 in Ann Arbor, completely legitimizes all your hating. I'll no longer look at you like some deranged bully trying to pick a fight at the Special Olympics.

No Notre Dame gloating today would be fair if I didn't point out that Michigan looked terrible. If they truly are the third best team in the country, then this is a really weak year for college football. All we can hope for now is that both Notre Dame and USC win all their games before they meet in South Bend, Oct. 15th.

Monday's show should be great, although as much as I'll enjoy Wilbon's frustration over the Notre Dame win, Tony's boasting will be intolerable. -Makes for good TV, though.

And what's that? The Sox slapped around the Yanks today? 'O Happy Day!


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