Friday, September 30, 2005

East Coast Bias? I Agree!

I know that all this ego-centric Sox/Yanks talk drives people crazy, but growing up in Massachusetts, I got a horse in the race, so no apologies here. But! There is one glaring instance of East Coast bias that's been driving me bananas: Mariano Rivera.

This isn't one of those Red Sox chop-jobs, but all this talk about Rivera being a candidate for the Cy Young & the MVP is ridiculous. First off, Chad Cordero currently has 4 more saves than he does, and he's been hurt for a while. "So what about the American League awards?" you say? In that case, Bob Wickman currently has 2 more saves for the Indians.

Therefore, why? -Why in god's good name would you give the MVP or the Cy Young award to the third best reliever in baseball, the second best reliever in the American League? Out of pure habit?


At 8:34 AM, Blogger Spork Boy said...

I don't know about any bias, but any talk about Rivera winning the Cy Young or even the MVP if hypocritical if those same folks are bitching about Oriz being the DH. If Rivera only plays part time and is mentioned as a Cy Young cadidate, then everybody should shut up about Ortiz not playing the field.


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