Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bad Break for the Jets.

Growing up outside of Boston, I learned to despise all the New York sports teams, but after living in NYC for two years, I met a lot of really cool Jets and Mets fans. Maybe it's the Long Island thing, maybe that they're always playing second fiddle to the Yanks and Giants, maybe just that the Yanks and Giants fans are that much more obnoxious, but the Jets and Mets are sympathetic in my eyes. And, of course, I love watching Herm Edwards have post-game melt-downs (the best since Jim Mora retired).

So it was sad to see the Jets lose Pennington and his back-up Jay Fielder in one game. It's hard for any team to weather injuries (as the Pats are finding out again this year with Rodney Harrison and Todd Light out), but losing both your quarterbacks, leaving Brooks Bollinger in charge of the offense, that's harsh.

The only amusement about the situation was envisioning the phone call management made to Vinny Testaverde. I think it went something like this,
"Help us, Obi Won Testaverde, you're our only hope."


At 4:45 PM, Blogger Drew said...

I actually heard that Testaverde called THEM. Now that's a hilarious phone call. Something like, "Hey guys, it's me, Vinny. Now who's washed up, assholes? I'll see you in practice. And I'm bringing my fucking toolbox!"


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