Monday, August 01, 2005

Welcome Back, Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out...

Nothing like the continuing steroid saga to bring one out of their July sports hibernation. Maybe it was the long summer's nap, or the prescription drugs, but I'm actually here to defend the ultimate Latin Lover.

Even though it doesn't seem unlikely that Palmerio didn't know exactly what was in the supplements he was taking, I tend to believe his excuse that it was taken completely by accident. Call my defense arbitrary and capricious, but Palmerio's numbers over the years have always been steady. As Matt pointed out, it's not like Sammy Sosa who went from not being able to hit to hitting 60 home runs, or Bonds who's production exploded as he approached 40, or Brady Anderson ('nuff said), Palmerio's career totals have been steady and the result of avoiding serious injury.

He does, however, deserve whatever inevitable shit storm awaits him for not being on top of his supplements. When the testing began David Ortiz stated, quite correctly, that many of the Latin players were at a language disadvantage, since many of the banned substances are easily available at any "health food store". Hell, GNC sold "diet" supplements with boatloads of ephedrine in them, killing even pro athletes. But Palmerio definitely doesn't fall into that category, so you're in for a tough ride Raffie.

And Barry Bonds scrapping his season? As a closet Giants fan, I hope the team will take this opportunity to re-define themselves without the slugger. We see it all the time in basketball, where a star gets hurt and the team learns to succeed without him. So far, though, the Giants haven't done this. Hopefully, this latest announcement will push them along.


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Barry said...

Numbers have always been steady? When did Raffy first break 40 homers? His ELEVENTH year in the majors. He then did it 4 of the next 5.

His numbers rose steadily a) after Jose Canseco was traded to Texas and 2) alongside everyone else's rising production.

And I'd like to put $100 down that Bonds retires in the off season. Sounds like he's realizing he just can't do it without the juice.

At 8:56 AM, Blogger J Shifty said...

WTF?! From that headline I was anticipating a little love for my man Gabe Kapler and his miraculous defense over the weekend.

Give it up, you hibernating fool, you.

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Actually, it took 'til his 13th year to hit 40+ homers. In only his 6th year of starting, though, he hit 37 homers, after that twice hit 39 homers, and once 38th, hardly Sosa/Brady Anderson/Caminetti improvements up to 43 in '98.

Nevertheless, 'looks like he did take a major steroid, which further deflates my faith in any professional athlete. My initial point, though, was that he was still hitting George Foster numbers, not 1998 numbers, so it's in the realm of possibility that he improved fairly.

I guess not.

That idiot.


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