Tuesday, August 02, 2005

One last reflection on yesterday's show...

Watching Wilbon and Mariotti, two Cubs fans, talk shit about the Manny Ramirez saga in Boston is like watching Canadians talk shit about America. Now, I'm very critical of this country's policies and especially the current administration's foreign agenda, but nothing will bring me to America's defense faster than listening to know-it-all, America-Junior Canadians, who've never gotten close to cracking into any historical textbook outside of hockey, spouting off about all the problems with the USA.

I know the Sox, before last year, hadn't won it all in 86 years, and this isn't merely recent championship hubris, but Cubs fans have to be the most content group of losers on the face of the planet. Say what you will about Sox fans using their decades of disappointment to define their personality, at least they were affected by those losses. -They took all the heart-breaking losses personally, which accounts for taking last year's win personally. Cubs fans don't seem to be one bit upset by their team's futility, just as long as there's plenty of Natural Light at the outdoor frat party they call "The Friendly Confines", Wrigley Field.

I feel bad for White Sox fans, who've had to play second fiddle to the Cubs for years, and who actually have a very good team this year, but are still getting marginalized by blow-hard Cubs fans like Wilbon and Mariotti. And if you ask any Cubs fan about White Sox fans, they'll waste no time declaring them all brutish idiots with no class. Well, here's to Mark Buehrle and the White Sox, who have an infinitely better chance of breaking their championship streak than the Cubs and their infirmary of starting pitchers!


At 4:05 PM, Blogger Drew said...

It's been driving me crazy watching Wilbon and Marrioti. The problem with Chicago Cubs fans is that they completely lack passion. One gets the feeling that if they ever win, the whole city will say, "That's good. As long as everyone had fun.".


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