Tuesday, August 09, 2005

For SHAME!!!

I called my resident Lakers fan, Lisa, to settle a question that had burrowed into my mind as I watched the A's miserably bow to the Angels tonight. That being, what was the name of that Disco hold-over guy who used to dance around the Forum at Laker games in the early 80's? She quickly said, "Please be advised, that was Dancin' Barry."

Of course! How great was that dude?! I was a young, impressionable Celtics fan who hated all things Lakers, but not so blinded that I couldn't appreciate Los Angeles's favorite mentally ill resident, Dancin' Barry. Before hanging up I told Lisa, "This is gonna be one of those Google Searches that I'll end up praising the existence of the internet!" I couldn't wait to see all the Dancin' Barry websites!


According to Google, there is exactly ZERO websites devoted to Dancin' Barry!

What the hell are you people doing with those computers (besides porno)?! I couldn't even find a photo of Dancin' Barry! My Kingdom for a photo of D. to the B.!!! Don't they teach you people anything in school?

It's almost enough to make me change the title of my movie treatment from Searching for Billy Ocean to Searching for Dancin' Barry.

In other news, is there any question that Isiah Thomas has no idea what he's doing? Here, from John Hollinger's glorious List of 10 Worst NBA signings of 2005, is #1:
1. Jerome James, New York Knicks (five years, $28 million, 11.8 pts, 7.2 reb, 9.83 PER)
Of all the bad deals over the summer, this one takes the cake. It's one thing to overpay for a player who can play a little, like Joe Johnson or Cutino Mobley. But what if you commit your full midlevel exception to a guy who can't play at all? That's what the Knicks did with James, rewarding him for the five good games he played in the Sacramento series and pretending the previous 82 games never happened. Between the inconsistent effort and the constant swooning over his alleged potential, James has become the new Michael Olokokandi except that he's a worse player and even more egregiously overpaid.


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