Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bravo Paolatonio!

As a product of the Cold War, I got a little silent titillation at hearing Sal Paolatonio name check M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction) when describing the Terrell Owens situation. Brezhev himself would be proud!

As bad as the T.O. situation is, I must report that no one in San Francisco is surprised. Hey, Eagle fans, You think you hate T.O.? -Then team up with anyone in S.F. They've known for quite some time how miserable a human being that idiot is. At least he only called your QB a hypocrite, not suggest that he was gay. (Really, how childish do you have to be to do that?)

The only surprising thing about the T.O. situation to people out here is that some thought he trashed the Niners simply because they didn't have a chance in hell to win (which was true). Now that he's on a very capable winning team, that theory doesn't hold water. It must be genetic.

And why do I get the feeling Jeremiah Trotter won't go the entire season without trottling T.O.?


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