Friday, July 01, 2005

International Incident

I'm heading off to Montreal this morning. It's a bit of a strange story, my buddy Matt entered some contest on-line with the SF Weekly and won a trip to the Montreal Jazz Festival. Since he and his girlfriend recently split, he asked me to go with. Outrageous Fortune indeed!

Thing is, we have a bunch of tickets to the Jazz Festival (which I'm told is one of the leading Jazz festivals in the world), but neither of us really like Jazz. We actually looked into selling our tickets to someone who will appreciate it and this year's big draw, Mark Knopfler, is fetching $160 Canadian on-line. What the hell? -He probably won't even play "The Sultans of Swing", too!

So here's the plan: dump the tickets and head to the comedy clubs and small music venues. We're told there's a casino there, but it's all Monte Carlo, so they expect you to dress up and play Baccarat. I'll just see how much discounted Montreal Expos merchandise I can stuff into my bags and sell to sports collectors back in the states.

See ya next week!


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