Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Credit where credit is due...

We all know that no matter how much a douchebag Jose Canseco is, we all believed at least part of his story. Outside any professional baseball team, we all secretly admired his gumption, even if it was merely to sell books.

It's tough to admit someone you don't like has produced something that just knocks your socks off. Hell, I hate everything about Ryan Adams, but after hearing his self-titled CD, I had to concede, it's great. Even if you don't like dance music, and complain mightily about its over-comercialization, you also have to admit Moby's Play is rather amazing. And even if it did sound a lot like the Beatles, you know when your ex-girlfriend was playing Oasis's What's the Story, Morning Glory? in the mid-90's you enjoyed it (at least until your buddies brought over the latest Rage Against the Machine CD).

So it is with a heavy heart that I would like to congratulate one of our most favorite punching bags, Dan Le Batard, on his most recent ESPN the Magazine article, "So You Want to be a Successful Major Leaguer? Don't Ever Think About It" (currently not posted on ESPN.com).

Not only is it brillaintly written, but it looks at baseball from a new, uncelebrated perspective. I only wish he mentioned former Sox reliever, Buyn Yun Kim, in illustrating just how much damage over-thinking can do to a great talent in this most unique of sports.

Well done, Dan.


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