Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Well, Roy...

Even though I was sure you were going to blow it in the end, you pulled it out. So Congrats. Sean May is clearly the second coming of Corliss Williamson (as prophesized by the oracle), and I'm already sick of McCants & Felton, but I guess I gotta get used to seeing those guys in the NBA for a while.



At 1:29 PM, Blogger Drew said...

You'll see all those idiots in the NBA as much as you currently see Lawrence Moten and John Wallace (sorry Syracuse fans). Sean May is like Shane Battier without an outside shot and no idea how to play defense. Even Andrew Bogut, the best player in college basketball, will be hard pressed to make an impact. Even though it's great for parity and makes for a kickass tournament, all the best talent is in high school or Lithuania at the moment.


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