Monday, April 25, 2005

Pipe down, NFL Draft Blow-Hards!

Enough! Admittedly, I watched part of the first round, but now the constant over-analysis polluting SportsCenter makes me wish for that time back. I can understand covering first and second round "impact" players, but analyzing who the "steals" were during the draft's second day, it just television filler.

As a Pats fan, I know all about Tom Brady getting taken in the sixth round and turning into a superstar, but ESPN would have you believe it's going to happen every year. And you know what? It does. In fact, there are guys on last year's Pats team, who started in the Super Bowl and who were NEVER drafted. We just don't care because they don't play glory positions.

The worst aspect of all the late draft over-analysis is that no one's ever going to remember what Kiper said. He might be completely wrong about the great offensive linemen San Diego drafted in day two, but will anyone call him on it if they don't work out? Granted, I will remember his high praise of Mike Williams if he turns out to be a bust, and a first round pick like Williams does deserve attention, but all this late draft postulating is enough hot air to float a balloon. Until ESPN Classic burns a time-slot on The 50 Best NFL Drafts of all Time, which I'm sure is in development, SportCenter will continue to promote this glorified bathroom break.

So let's move on...

Okay, we all know Ricky Davis is an idiot, and not one of those good idiots. In an interview, Doc Rivers said Ricky is crazy. That, in fact, Ricky tells Doc, "You know, I'm crazy." To which Doc just responds, "Yes, I know." So this whole thing about him saying 'get the brooms out' in the huddle of the game 1 blow-out should be given the same credence if it was said by a toothless and insane street lunatic. Still, Indiana didn't need the motivation.

Reggie Miller had a great career, but for the sake of the casual viewer, I wish he hadn't announced his retirement until the season was over. That way we all be spared hearing John Thompson and Rex Walters slurp up every detail of every nanosecond he's on the court. I'm definitely going to miss him out there, and he probably shouldn't even be retiring, but if it means I don't have to hear how brilliant his back-cuts and hesitations are from gushing announcers, then enjoy your time off Reggie!

And Damn is Dallas making my picks look bad. Or is Houston making my mid-season review look good?


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