Saturday, April 23, 2005

More to come in Detroit?

I'm no Mel Kiper disciple, but I have the feeling he's right that Mike Williams is vastly underrated in this morning's draft. I know he sat out last year, but in his final year as USC, it looked like he could do anything he wanted on the football field. His size alone (6'5") gives him an advantage in the NFL.

Detroit drafting him currently makes no sense, since they already have super-rookie Roy Williams, Az Hakim, and Charles Rodgers for wide-outs. All that tells me is they're open to trading any one (or two) of those guys before the season starts. -So this might just be part of an overall series of moves to come for the Lions.

I would assume the players themselves, along with fantasy owners, would want them to move some of those guys out, if for no other reason than to prevent their production from getting fractioned off. My suggestion, dump Rodgers and Hakim. -You can even do it today, trade 'em for draft choices and fortify your porous defense. That leaves you the Williams brothers (Roy and Mike) as your wide outs. Aye, that strategy worked for the Pistons when they shored up the Wallace Brothers (Ben and Rasheed) last year.

This also is a strong cup of coffee for Joey Harrington. The Lions, with these receivers, in essence are saying, "No Excuses, Joey." If he can't get it done next year, all those rumors about replacing him will be reality.

Maybe my resident Minnesota expert, Tom, will have to explain this to me, but I (along with the booing Viking fans) can't understand why they passed on Mike Williams and went with WR Troy Williamson of South Carolina, who I admittedly know nothing about other than he's fast. It would be nice to have complete confidence in your GM, but I'm just not feeling it with that pick. I hope I'm wrong.

Everytime ESPN breaks for a commercial, they cut to Aaron Rodgers, who's stock has plummeted from being the #1 overall pick to a mid-to-late first round pick. Yeah, "poor Aaron Rodgers, he's going to have to go to a playoff team next year!" If I was him, I'd be ecstatic.

So, yes, I am a loser as evidenced by having the draft on in the background here. As Andrew pointed out, at least in the NBA draft, the teams have 5 minutes between picks, so things move relatively fast. Today, the NFL teams have 15 minutes between picks. So if each team took their allotted time, it would take 8 hours to get through all 32 teams in the first round! And how many rounds does this go? 10? Wilbon was right, where's the NBA playoff games?

I gotta get outta here...


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