Friday, April 15, 2005


When talking about Eddie Curry, Wilbon spoke of it being part of the whole 'Chicago Curse'. Ex-squeeze me? Do we really have to remind you that the Chicago Bulls won SIX championships last decade?

The Curry problem is unfortunate, but I'm pretty well sick and tired by now of whiny Cubs fans trying to blame everything in the world on their poor curse. Just about everything negative that's ever happened to the Cubs can be explained by dumb people making dumb decisions or greedy owners fully aware that the dopes in Chicago will show up for games no matter how awful the product you put on the field is.

If the Cubs had the highest payroll in baseball every year and still managed to lose due to freak occurences then I would listen, but blaming some sort of wacky black magic for the bone-headed decisions your team makes is silly.

Jeff's Addendum:
I think Wilbon, for all his complaining about the Sauks and the Yanks, understands the details of what makes that rivalry great. Whether you think the Curse of the Bambino was over-blown or not, it definitely did add to the mystique of the rivalry. Conversely, the Cubs have the Curse of the Billy Goat. What the hell? -Some dude cursed the team because they wouldn't allow his billy goat into the park? That's a pretty weak curse.

The curse of the Baby Bulls is actually just bad luck. For a better curse, Mike mentioned yesterday that Shaq has put a curse on the Lakers for letting him go. Now that's a good, dramatic curse!

A while back we debated the chances of the Lakers getting the #1 overall pick, as manufactured by the league. Well, how's this for paranoid conspiracy theory: the Cavaliers collapse in their last 4 games, miss the playoffs, LaBron tells management he doesn't intend on resigning after next season, and Jerry Buss, having had all he can take from Kobe, offers either Kobe straight up or Kobe and their lottery pick to the Cavs for LaBron. Phil Jackson would then gladly come back and coach the Lakers.

Too "X-Files" to be plausible?


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