Tuesday, April 12, 2005

College Pride.

Check out this list of ball-players who went to USC, it's actually pretty impressive:

Lisa and I agree, we can't believe we didn't know Randy Johnson went there. I just figured Johnson played baseball because he was too tall for the mine-shaft elevator so he couldn't get into the family business. I had no idea he went to college! Then again, Kevin Millar, who I also had pegged for a grade school drop-out, also went to college (but at some place called Lamar).

That page is an interesting time-kill, there's actually listings for Dartmouth and Princeton, but I don't recognize the names. And there isn't one Boston school in there! -Although there is UMass, UConn, Maine, Central Conn, & Lou Merloni is keepin' it real for Providence. Those Boston egg-heads have no time to play baseball, since they're too busy watching and arguing about the Red Sox all day.

All my WCC friends will be happy to find listings for Santa Clara, St. Mary's, Gonzaga, Pepperdine, & San Diego.


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