Sunday, March 27, 2005

You make the call!

Saturday's college basketball games: Great Comebacks, or Nightmarish Chokes?
  • Louisville over West Virginia 93-85, in overtime. On one hand, you have to hand it to Louisville. Their best player, Francisco Garcia, fouled out with 4 minutes to go in regulation and down by 5. They stayed tough, focused and rode momentum to victory. On the other hand, Damn you, West Virginia! You were up by 20 in the first half and 10 with 5 minutes to go in regulation, not to mention getting out-scored 2-1 in the overtime. Final Analysis: Nightmarish Choke.
  • Illinois over Arizona 90-89, in overtime. With 4 minutes to go in regulation, Arizona was up by 14, and with 1:13 left, the Wildcats led by 8. Maybe it's because I have Illinois in my bracket, but the comeback odds were so much more improbable, and there was no one play that Arizona completely screwed up, so I can't bring myself to blame Arizona. Final Analysis: Great Comeback.


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