Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Unfortunately, none of my research upon the ski slopes of Utah has resulted in any conclusive answers for the age-old question of what a Ute is. Fear not, though, I intend on revisiting this conundrum as early as next season's first snowfall there. For, if there's one thing the good people of Utah love, it's loud-mouthed Californians asking them stupid questions on the ski-lift.

Until I get myself caught up on all the sports developments of the weekend (all I've been able to piece together is that Jon Cheney broke Antione Walker's arm for saying Chris Webber sucks), here's my favorite part of last month's ESPN (the magazine!):

(your boy) Dan Le Batard to Jose Canseco:

DL: Are you happy?
JC: Define your terms.
DL: Define them however you'd like.
JC: Okay. No, I'm not happy.

In the words of Derek Smalls, "There's a fine line between genius and stupid." I think I know which one Jose is.


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was kind of an odd piece by LeBatard. Not sure what response I was supposed to have, but anything is better than LeBatard's constant Barry Bonds ass-kissing.

No wonder Barry has no range in the outfield, what with having to drag Dan behind him all the time.

At 1:56 AM, Blogger R. D. Baker said...

Dan LeBatard - Voice of the Criminal Athlete


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