Tuesday, March 15, 2005


At PTE, we get so many emails, our staff can hardly handle all the traffic. Instead of disregarding them like Congressional Subpoenas, we've decided to share some with you.

Letter #1...
  • "Guys, your website has the momentum of a runaway freight train, why are you so popular? -L. Simpson
Jeff: Tough question. Some people respond to our bold "tell it like it is" statements, others to the ease and style with which we deconstruct the complex world of the sports spectator, but if I had to choose one thing, it would have to be, animal magnetism. People just seem to pick up on our cyber-pheromones and can't control themselves.

Letter #2...
  • "Why are you guys so hell bent on destroying all Earthly evidence of Jay Bilas?" -Kundun
Jeff: I'll handle this one. Jay Bilas deserves any and all the abuse he gets. Why? Because he showed me the time of my life one night and I assumed he would call back! I still have emotional scars with his name all over them. You don't just "get over" something like that easily.

Letter #3...
  • "What makes the PTE guys tick, and can I get me some of that sweetness?" -Dasha Zhukova
Jeff: I thought I'd never get tired of answering this question, but I guess I was wrong. Here's the news ladies: Andrew is married, and not one of those "Green Card" marriages either, a real one. And while I'm not married, like most bloggers, I only date supermodels and naïve actresses. Still, I've never been one to crush people's fragile dreams, so you keep going to the gym, and we'll talk about it when you turn 18.

Letter #4...
  • "Can we get a glimpse of your faces? -Purely for crowd identification purposes." -Lee Harvey O.
Jeff: Unfortunately, due to some of Andrew's "religious beliefs" there aren't too many recent photos of the two of us. Still, here's an old photo of us after college graduation (circa 2003), moving cross-country to the West Coast: Andrew and Jeff.


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