Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Confessions of a Stat-Boy Wannabe.

Before I turbo jump into full Silky Johnson-Playa Hating mode, let me first say that the battle in the middle between Shelden Williams and Sean May last weekend in the UNC/Duke game was amazing. The only match-up I can compare it to in my lifetime was Patrick Ewing and Akeem Olajuwon in that Georgetown/Houston championship, only this one was better. I do a lot of joking about Shelden, but he was amazing in that game. And Sean May was doing everything for UNC. The best moment was when May saw Duke getting ready to send in a substitute to rest Shelden, he then signaled to Roy Williams that he needed a break as well. When Shelden waived off the substitute, May immediately did the same thing. Effectively saying, "It's on."

I'm still not convinced about UNC winning it all, although everyone is going to pick them. Clearly, they have the best team on paper, and by some estimates 6 future pros. Still, as Lisa pointed out, "Roy Williams = losing in the tournament." Sunday's comeback was amazing, but is anyone else concerned about that stretch in the second half where they made a full ONE basket in 9 minutes? With the "One loss and your out" nature of the tournament, teams capable of going that cold for that long scare me. If they happen to go cold just as their opponent gets hot, I don't care how many pros they have, even Santa Clara can beat them.

Speaking of pros on college teams (here comes the hating), yesterday our beloved TK said of the last undefeated NCAA basketball team, "I remember that Indiana team from 1976 so fondly, they had 6 pros! I thought they were such a great team, I get worried when another team comes in undefeated."

For the record, here are your 6 Hoosier pros from that team:
  • Kent Benson, Milwaukee 1978-80, Detroit 1980-86, Utah 1986-87, Cleveland 1987
  • Tom Abernethy, Lakers 1977, 1978, Golden State 1979-81, Indiana 1981
  • Scott May, Chicago 1977-81, Milwaukee 1982, Detroit 1983
  • Quinn Buckner, Milwaukee 1977-82, Boston 1983-85, Indiana 1986
  • Bob Wilkerson, Seattle 1977, Denver 1978-80, Chicago 1981, Cleveland 1982-83
  • Wayne Radford, Indiana 1979
If Q. Buckner hadn't gotten run out of every coaching job he ever had, these pros would be completely forgettable. (Btw, the best part of research, is being reminded of things you might have forgotten. -Like the greatest basketball name of all time, former Hoosier, Ewe Blab! Drop to your knees and forsake all others in front of Blab!!!)

So come on, guys! You gonna let these dudes show you up?


Watching Tone Def once again fawn over SuperStar Jay Bilas, I think we should do our own Food Chain on who TK loves most. Here are the first 3 nominations: Jay Bilas, Marat Safin's Girlfriend, and Tom Brady. Do I hear any more nominations?

And I still got a little left over for you, Wilbon. Whaddup with not knowing what state Niagara (as in Falls) is in? I could almost see his geography professor at Northwestern clutching his chest.


At 5:10 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Two words for who TK loves above all others; Larry Brown. Sometimes I think he could lose every game for a solid year and Tony would just write it off to him losing his love of the game.


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