Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Can't you see he's tired?!

Aside from the inadvertent Lili Von Shtupp(above) reference, there was nothing funny about the Barry Bonds interview today. Bottom line, he might be out for the year, and the chances of a 40+ year old ball player rehabbing back to peak condition after that much time off begs the question of retirement. All that's certain from what he said is that Barry Bonds is tired, specifically of the media.

Looking not at all like the Bonds who aggressively went after all his detractors a month ago, in a dejected tone he told the media:
"You guys wanted to hurt me bad enough, you finally got there. You wanted me to jump off the bridge, I finally have jumped. You wanted to bring me down, you've finally brought me and my family down. Finally done it. From everybody, all of you."
Now, I'm not one to punch a guy when he's down, but what surprised me today wasn't his defeated tone, but the way he still continues to blame all the negativity that surrounds him on the media. Almost as if to say, if only it wasn't reported, then it never happened.

Here's some further speculation from ESPN over what, aside from this 2nd knee surgery in 2 months, is bothering Barry:
  • The way sportswriters crucified Mark McGwire over his refusal to answer questions about steroids in front of Congress, even though other ballplayers sat right next to him and did exactly that.
  • The on-going BALCO steroid investigation, that appears to be aiming directly for him.
  • According to the SF Chronicle, his alleged mistress gave testimony to the BALCO investigation, testimony that he admitted steroid use and about financial matters that could lead to a tax evasion charge.
  • News that the same woman intends to write a tell-all book about their 9 year relationship, which began before his current marriage, was put on hold only briefly, and resumed promptly after his honeymoon.
So today Bonds repeatedly declared himself "tired." "Tired" of his kids crying, and that the media "finally have brought me and my family down." Still, I highly doubt that his kids are crying because of the poor media coverage. In fact, the media is doing exactly what it's supposed to. They didn't fabricate the steroid story out of thin air, they didn't create and cast the role of his mistress, and they didn't write Canseco's book. It increasingly becomes clear that Bonds blames all of his shortcomings on the media's coverage. If they just hadn't reported it, it never would have mattered.

I don't agree.

In fact, it's about time the media stopped publishing fluff-pieces on how great today's players are and point out how impotent the former drug policy was. People complained how ridiculous it was Congress investigated steroids in baseball, but the only reason they did was because baseball's policing of itself became a national joke (not unlike the way people joked about East German athletes taking steroids in the Olympics in the 70's/80's). Considering that the government has granted MLB an anti-trust exemption, one could say they were just protecting their investment.

One last point about the Bonds's view of the media, he refused to begin today until the SF Chronicle beat writer was excused saying,
"I'm never going to talk to you for the rest of my life." What he probably didn't realize was, that reporter isn't responsible for continuing to break the BALCO story. Those guys were probably at home polishing their journalism awards.

PS. Man, can you imagine if you had your fantasy draft last night and picked up Bonds only hours before today's announcement? Damn!


At 9:11 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Bonds is a psychopath. 2 weeks ago, he went to great length to say how the 'public' loves him, it's just the 'media' that hates him and he's at it again. He somehow lives in a fantasy world where the media operates completely outside of any desires of the public.

Hey Barry, the media that you think hates you is responding to the will of the people who want to see you brought to task for cheating. Surely, a point that simple can wedge it's way into that massive melon of yours.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Mike said...

I just had a fantasy draft two nights ago, I almost took bonds with a late 1st round pick...somehow I think Todd Helton was a better choice

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Drew said...

I had fantasy draft two nights ago too. I took Bonds with my 3rd pick. I am a genius!!!


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