Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Thank You, Barry Bonds.

Today you said it's okay to go to the game and chant "Barry Sucks!" Good to know, because you do, and I will. I like how instead of directly answering the steroid questions, he equated the story's longevity to rerunning episodes of Sanford and Son. If only Nixon had the same foresight, maybe he could have persuaded Woodward and Bernstein to stop obsessing over Watergate by saying the story (two years in the making) is like watching reruns of The Jeffersons. It all makes sense now. I also like the way you question that it's jealousy that drives sportswriters to write about steroids. That's possible, but it's more probable that they write about steroids because certain people have made them part of sports, and they are sports-writers.

On the effects of steroids, he says, "I don't know what cheating is." Well, I do. Hand-eye coordination is definitely a talent, knowing the "sweet-spot" on the bat is also knowledge learned, but there's no way, if you have those two points down (and many players do) that extra bulk and strength won't help the ball travel an extra 40 feet. Denying the effects of steroids on sports performance is delusional. The best moment I've ever seen on the usually unwatchable Best Damn Sports Show was, while debating performance-enhancement of steroids, former host Chris Rose asked John Salley, "Well, if it doesn't improve your performance, why do so many guys take them?"

Salley's response: "Because it makes you look good." Now, that's one of those Level 5 delusions, à la O.J. Simpson.

Ordinarily, I'm not one to call someone a liar. If they say they didn't do something and I don't know for sure, I'm more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But sports figures recently have had no problem with lying. It wasn't that long ago I remember seeing Pete Rose on television chanting "I never bet on baseball," only to watch him admit the opposite 2 years later in a failed attempt to get reinstated. And let's not forget Giambi going on television to deny the steroid question only days after he gave "sealed" testimony that he did take steroids. So Bonds today denies the steroid allegations. But the basis of his denial is not that he never took them, rather that no writer has any proof that he took them. Thus, they're liars. Interesting theory.

Alright, enough of that negativity. Everyone check out this week's Brushback. 'Very Funny, especially the title of the Isiah Thomas article, and the Nike blurb.

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At 8:14 AM, Blogger Drew said...

Harumph, Amen and Respek Knuckles. Barry Bonds has become the worst kind of human being. I think every single word at yesterday's conference was a lie. From "People love me now more than ever" to "I don't watch any sports shows", it's all bullshit.


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