Thursday, February 17, 2005

And You Thought Your Boss Was Bad!

Switching channels, just for today...

There's no debate that FOX News leads the league in content manipulation and unapologetic self-righteousness. Parading around their bargain-bin journalism is akin to listening to Pauly Shore defend his body of work against the likes of Scorsese and Soderbergh. But who knew such warped egotism would extend into their sports division as well?

In the interest of common fan-boy courtesy, I'd like to officially bid "Happy Trails" to the team at Fox Sports' I, Max show, who will broadcast their final show tomorrow afternoon. While inferior to PTI, I did find I, Max amusing in a high school locker-room kinda way. Unfortunately for anyone who liked or worked on it, the show was burdened by lack of promotion and constant tinkering from "expert" television executives in Los Angeles.

Remember that "controversial" Tivo commercial a few years back where two large men walk into an office and throw a television executive out the window? Remember the back-lash from over-sensitive executives who took time out of their busy schedule of date-raping aspiring actresses and ass-kissing Michael Powell to speak publicly about how hurt they were? Know why that commercial was so good? Because, even if you feigned sympathy, we all knew how great it would be to see one of those phonies and all their inflated self-worth thrown from a high-rise onto the pavement of Willshire Blvd.

Those are the same people I think of when I hear of the demise of I, Max. Anyone who watched the show saw many changes in the format, the features, the line of questioning, and even the role of the personalities. According to inside sources, all this tinkering was done by 2 pedantic Los Angeles FOX Sports exects who would have served society better by achieving terminal velocity towards the unforgiving pavement. Among their complaints, the humor on I, Max was "too smart and fast" for their audience and asked the producers to "dumb it down, like The Best Damn Sports Show." Let this be a lesson to anyone out there trying to put any thought or intelligence into their work. You are doomed to fail! If only you were more like Tom Arnold, success would be yours!

Actually, that's not true either. As confused viewers of TBDSS will tell you, even the genius of Tom Arnold is not above the megalomaniacal tweaking of coke-heads with MBA's. That show has recently adopted a "talk show" format and they re-assigned former host, Chris Rose, to the Totally Football minor league. Obviously, only Tom and John Salley were smart enough to not insult the viewers with their intelligence. Still, these changes have fuelled rumors that Best Damn's head is on the cancellation chopping block as well, which would leave Summer Sanders as FSN's most prominent sports personality. (I knew that saucy tart was trying to take over all along!)

So Happy Trails to Max, Michael Holley, and the incomparable Bill Wolff. You guys were so much better than those worthless L.A. executives will ever know. 'Sounds like you got a raw deal from the beginning and the network was never actually behind you. (Indeed, does anyone ever remember seeing a promo for that show during any of the Super Bowls or World Series' that FOX broadcasted in the last 3 years? Way to promote your own, Murdoch!) I know you guys will land on your feet again, but probably not at that trash-heap of a network, FOX.

Enjoy your time off!

Look what working for FOX will do to you:


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Ditto. I don't know what the future holds for Kellerman and Holley over the next couple of years of their contract, but you can be sure of one thing, it'll be complete shit compared to the original Around the horn or I, Max.

Here's hoping ESPN learned their lesson and gets these three guys back on their payroll.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Corey said...

I'm hoping Max ends up doing something boxing related with HBO. Perferably something to get Larry Merchant the hell out of there.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Adam G Partridge said...

I think there is at least some debate as to whether Fox leads the league in content manipulation or not. Just ask CBS and CNN, who have both recently had higher ups in their news department resign amide 'content' scandel. You an't say the same for FOX

At 12:54 PM, Blogger David said...

ESPN needs to ax the present Around the Horn and let Jim Rome go off for an hour. ATH with Stat Boy is way worse, and I don't tihnk Rome gets enough time at the top of his show to bitch about the top stories. Now if Rome would just stop using Roger Lodge from Blind Date as one of his panelists, it'd be a lot better.

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

If Ralph Wiley were still alive, I believe Rome's show would be better.

RIP Ralph.

At 10:08 PM, Blogger Zlax45 said...

Rome's show I can't stand. All the guy does is hate on every sport. Just shut your mouth Jim. I prefer to watch ATH every day because it is edgy and brings a different perspectives from the country together.

BTW MH is working with Weei in March as his contact was up at month's end.


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